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Shrimp Feed

Feng li is a shrimp feed for Penaeus monodon in intensive culture system. Feng is formulated with high nutrition value from high quality imported and local ingredients. Also balanced amino acid emphasize good digestibility for best Penaeus monodon's growths and healthy
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Kaiohji is a shrimp feed for Litopenaues vannamei in intensive culture system. Kaiohji is formulated with complete nutrition value and natural premix additive to increase performance growth of Litopenaues vannamei culture.
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New Tata is a shrimp feed for Litopenaeus vannamei in intensive culture system. Launched in the end of 2007. It is low protein but high digestibility feed. New Tata eases water quality maintenance and environmental friendly nature will benefit farmers who apply low water exchange system shrimp culture
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Tata is a shrimp feed for Penaues monodon in extensive or traditional culture system. Tata is been produced with good water stability and fresh fragrance to attract to maximize opportunity for shrimp to eat
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Fish Feed

Prima feed is a prime quality freshwater fish feed produced with the best raw material, advance production system, highly experienced personnel and tight quality control.Prima Feed composed with balanced nutrition value and high digestible give a significant growth for the fish anfd make a good feed conversion rate in fish harvest.
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Sinar intan,"the best friend of the fish farmer" is a freshwater fish feed that produced to fulfil demand of the market. Sinar intan is formulated and produced to give enough nutritional value to support for the fish can grow healthy.
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Megami is produced by extrusion technology in two type of feed. Sinking and Floating. With complete combination of chosen ingredients and oriented for food safety. The result is optimal growth of fish been cultured and increased survival rate.
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Koi Fish Food

Taisho is a koi fish food formulated appropriate with the nutritional demand of the koi for daily care
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A carefully formulated koi feed to boost the growth of the fish as well as the color of the fish with an enhancement of feed additives and vitamins in the feed
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Shoori is a koi food formulated and produced with a bencmark as a Japanese Koi Food. Shoori is koi food special consumed for Imported Japanese Koi, shoori support growth, body shaping and enhance the color of your beloved koi
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Aquarium Fish Food
Agaru is a premium aquarium ornamental freshwater fishfood. Agaru is designed for imported ornamental fish in order they can grow healthy and have adequate nutrition fulfilment
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Asahi is an aquarium ornamental freshwater fish food. Asahi is designed not to polluted aquarium water and to support ornamental fish grow healthy
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Dog Food
Nutrition is a dog food formulated and produced with choosen imported raw material and under tight quality control of production process (ISO 9001:2008).The result, Nutrition is a dog food that safe to be consumed also can fulfil the demand of balanced vitamin and mineral for your beloved dog.
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Bird Food
Pakan burung berkicau yang diformulasikan khusus untuk mendukung pertumbuhan burung dan performa burung untuk menyanyi di segala macam lingkungan seperti rumah, pekarangan, sampai di arena lomba.
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